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psychologist, M.A., psychotherapist, academic teacher

Co-founder of Pracownia Psychoterapii i Rozwoju

"For me, psychotherapy is a meeting with another person and accompanying him/her on the way to change. I deeply believe that the person I work with is an expert on his/her needs and choices, and I'm here to help to discover those needs - to live in harmony with own values and beliefs. For me, basic value in psychotherapy is contact: empathic, authentic and accepting."



  • I graduated from the Faculty of Psychology (with a specialization in clinical psychology) of SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities.

  • I completed postgraduate training in psychotherapy  (4 years) at the Psychological Education and Assistance Centre INTRA, recommended by the Polish Psychological Association.



  1. I gained experience and knowledge while working at the General Adult Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic of Brodnowski Hospital, Warsaw

  2. I graduated 2 year Postgraduate Psychotherapeutic Internship Programme conducted in the Academic Centre for Psychotherapy and Development of the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities


My clinical practice at Pracownia Psychoterapii I Rozwoju:

  1. psychological assessment

  2. psychosocial support sessions

  3. individual psychotherapy

    • personality disorders

    • mood disorders

    • anxiety disorders

    • adjustment disorders

  4. Working with people who suffer from:

    • difficult life situations

    • lack of satisfaction

    • difficulties with achieving personal life goals

    • adapting problems e.g living in a foreign country

    • problems in interpersonal relationships

    • problems with self-esteem

    • life crises, e.g. death of an important person, serious illness

    • psychosomatic disorders.

    • problems with emotional regulation

    • experienced emotional trauma


I am working under constant supervision and accordance with the principles of the Ethical and Professional Code of Psychologists.

I have experience in working in multi-cultural environment (I was studying and making internship in Istanbul, Turkey). Conducting psychotherapy with people from different cultures and countries. I have professional and private experience with foreigners living in Poland. I am interested in multicultural psychology. I provide humanistic psychotherapy for adults specializing in neurodivergent clients (autistic, ADHD, AuDHD etc.) as well as LGBTQIA+ clients.

I am conducting classes for psychology students e.g psychological assessment, personality disorders and mental health.

My therapeutic modality is humanistic psychotherapy (Emotion Focus Therapy, EFT) but also I am integrating tools from other psychotherapeutic modalities. In my work I use mindfulness elements and techniques, which are helpful in e.g. reducing stress, somatic pain and tension.


Membership in organizations:

  1. Polish Psychological Association

  2. Polish Society for the Integration of Experiential Psychotherapy and Social Education of the INTRA Association.

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